Education 2013: Year in Review

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College Hazing

Towards the end of the fall semester at colleges across America, it is supposed to be about preparing for final exams and Christmas vacation. Baruch College freshman student Chun Hsien “Michael” Deng, 19, died one week before finals.

According to medical and police reports, Deng died due to major brain trauma that he sustained from a hazing ritual called “The Glass Ceiling.” This was reportedly part of the initiation into the Pi Delta Psi fraternity.

What is “The Glass Ceiling?”

The ritual has the individual blindfolded, carry 20 pounds of sand on his back, then other members are supposed to tackle the individual. This is what reportedly happened to Deng.

The alleged hazing ritual took place at a rented house in Poconos, Pennsylvania. Neighbors reported that the Pi Delta Psi fraternity frequently had parties and family gatherings at the rented house.

The story has gotten national attention from the media such as, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, and New York 1.

This incident has raised the ugly issue of hazing at colleges. This is a unique case for Baruch College because it is a commuter school, and there have been no reported cases of hazing on or off campus. Baruch College also has off-campus housing in which Deng lived.

The results of the investigation into Deng’s death carried out by police have revealed alleged negligence by Deng’s fraternity members; Baruch College strongly admonishing and criticizing the actions of students caught hazing, and the fraternity; and a full police cooperation from both parties involved.

It has been alleged that fraternity members, after Deng was injured,  took him inside the rented home and attempted to warm him up by the fireplace. In addition, it has also been alleged that fraternity members then goggled his symptoms earlier before taking him to the hospital a few hours later.

Since Deng’s death, the police have confiscated 20 to 30 cellphones from the fraternity home, and other paraphernalia; and three people have been questioned since the incident.

And, the Pi Delta Psi fraternity has severed it’s ties with the chapter at Baruch College. The national president, Andy Meng, has ended its affiliation with the Baruch chapter, and revoked the memberships of it’s brothers for violating Pi Delta Psi’s values and anti-hazing policy.

You have been accepted, NOT!

Getting accepted into the college of your choosing is any senior High school student’s dream. But getting accepted, then revoked within the same day from their dream college must be a nightmare. This is what happened to students applying to Fordham University.

The “error” as some Fordham officials called it, came in the form of a financial aid notice. This was two days before anxious students awaited the expected decision. 2,500 students got accepted. Then a another email followed correcting the mistake.

As of now, Fordham University has rejected 500 students, and approximately 2,000 students have been deferred. Fordham officials have blamed subcontractors for the dreaded mistake.

Angry students took to twitter to voice their complaints about Fordham’s mistake.

At least the students are in the Fordham system.

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