Rock The Vote For The Next POTUS 

#RockTheVote on your choice for the next #POTUS. 
I wish I could say that this election was NOT at all exciting. I also wish I could say that the choices are NOT as hopeful as #PresidentBarackObama. 😉 But what I can say is that with the outgoing president’s gravitas has arguably unleashed a diverse group of presidential candidates. As well as shown a different side of the general public’s feelings towards each other, albeit that it may have already existed, but it is pervasive.  
#HillaryClinton and #JillStein are THE first female potential POTUSs. #DonaldTrump is arguably the first businessman running for president. #GaryJohnson might not know much on foreign policy and countries, he is refreshing. 
Most of us might vote based on feelings or gut instincts; the candidates experience, knowledge and stamina; vote based on gender, or vote with their conscience; or are willing to overlook everything he or she has said and done – their past and present actions-  during this election cycle. 
No matter who you vote for, once you are an adult – 18 and above – in this election campaign, once again your vote is very important.