Hollywood Loves Women Drivers: ‘The Lady in the Van,’ ‘The Lady in the car with Glasses and a Gun’


Dame Maggie Smith and Freya Mavor have a lot in common this holiday season, especially when it comes to using vehicles.

We all know the sexist statement that “women drivers are terrible at driving.” Well, Smith and Mavor are upending that old wives tale and driving away with it. Okay enough with the car metaphors.

Smith is starring in this holiday season’s new film “The Lady in the Van,” while Mavor is bringing drama and action in her film “The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun.”

Smith’s “Lady in the Van” centers around a man who forms an unexpected bond with a homeless woman – played by Smith – who is living in her car/van that is parked in his driveway. It looks like it has a lot of heart, comedy, fun, and of course Smith.

Meanwhile, Mavor in “The Lady the Car”…and other items, is based on a 1970s film with the same name. In this French modern version, Mavor borrows a car – and unbeknownst to her – there is a dead body in the trunk. The dead body is where everything, along with Mavor’s character and her world starts to unravel.

Enjoy the ride.


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