Guess Who’s Hosting the 67th Annual Emmy’s? Two clues: a prisoner and a dancer


(Left: Uzo Aduba, Right: Cat Deely)
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The 67th Annual Emmy’s were announced this morning, and the hosts for the early morning announcements were the ever talented Uzo Aduba from Netflix’s drama and comedy series “Orange is the New Black,” and Cat Deely, the host of the dance competition show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Among the nominees that both Aduba and Deely had announced, the streaming giant has been nominated in some acting, directing and technical categories. Not to be outdone, Deely’s “So You Think You Can Dance” has also received accolades in many technical categories as well.

Much to the surprise of all the press and the early morning hosts, Aduba and Deely were both surprised to learn from an Emmy Television Academy official that they will be hosting the event in Sept. 20, 2015 on Fox at 8pm Eastern time.

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