Spotlight on Netflix’s DVD and streaming TV shows and films


Here is a spotlight on some DVDs and streaming TV shows and films on the digital giant that is #Netflix.

The ones available via DVD rental are #Predestination: it is one wild, twisted and timely wimey ride starring #EthanHawke. Hawke plays a time agent obsessed with finding a terrorist bomber, so he travels across time to stop him, from the 1960s, then to 1970, and then the 1980s. And then it gets even more crazy.

Also, the 1990s old west TV series juggernaut #DrQuinnMedicineWoman. When a relative dies, Dr. Quinn must travel to Colorado to help raise her adopted children. The show was so popular that it spawned its own mini TV movies.

And #TheMist, based on a #StephenKing novella, is scary, brilliant, and well acted. It starred #ThomasJane, #MarciaGayHarden, #AndreBraugher, #TobyJones, and two of #TheWalkingDead stars #LaurieHolden and #MelissaMcBride. A small town gathers to its supermarket to seek refuge from a mist that houses the creatures of nightmares.

Available to stream are the classic 1980s film #LostBoys starring #KeiferSutherland. A family of three moves to a small town wanting to start a new life. But instead they encounter people who have disappeared and a biker gang.

#BeforeIGoToSleep stars a power house cast with #NicoleKidman, #MarkStrong, and #ColinFirth. Kidman plays an amnesiac where everyday is like a new one. The situation gets more complicated when she thinks that her husband might not be her husband.

And #Ascension, the #SyFyChannel’s science fiction soap opera mini-series. What starts out as a murder mystery on a generational space ship that has been traveling from 1961 until 2014, becomes something much more dramatic, stunning, and it leaves you breathless. #BattleStarGallactica #TriciaHefler is starring in it.



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