Part 1: Top 100 Out Gay Athletes, Entertainers and Designers At A Glance


Happy GLBT Pride month everyone. In the interest and support of the GLBT community, OUT Magazine released this week it’s top 100 gay entertainers, athletes, and designers. They are some that include who came out this year, some you may have already known, but others that you may have had no idea about.

Here is a glimpse of a few of them in no particular order. Be sure to visit the website below this article. This is Part 1 of the 100 chosen.

Telly Leung is an American actor, singer and songwriter. Leung is known in several Broadway productions such as “Godspell” the revival, “Allegiance” opposite George Takei, and other Broadway productions. Leung also had a recurring role on “Glee” and he appeared in an episode of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”

From America to across the pond, England that is. These two up and comers are making big strides in TV and films. There is Andrew Hayden-Smith, from the new hit show “Cucumber and Banana.” Hayden-Smith has been a presenter on several TV shows in the UK. And he has had a recurring role on “Doctor Who” under the helm of Russell T. Davies. Also, he has done work as a reporter on the morning show programs in the UK.

Also from England, there is Ben Whishaw. Whishaw is the new “Q” in the “James Bond” films. But the US got introduced to him in the sleeper hit “Perfume: The story of a Murderer.” And he costarred in “Cloud Atlas.”

Back in the US, there is the sharpshooter, assassin, tech genius and hacker that is Huck on “Scandal”, Guillermo Diaz. Diaz says in the article that his people – supporters, agents, etc -were against his coming out. But Diaz was adamant about it.

The secretary who was Liz Lemon’s nemesis on “30 Rock” Maulik Pancholy came out last year. Pancholy has had his fair share of being on comedies that failed, but he has been involved in hits as well. Pancholy also appeared in the first season of “The Comeback” that starred Lisa Kudrow, and he was in an episode of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”

This year Victor Garber and Wentworth Miller have found themselves working together in the hit TV series “The Flash” on The CW. Garber starred in the 1990s hit “Alias,” and he has had recurring roles on other shows such as “Ugly Betty,” and in the movie “Argo.”

Meanwhile, Miller garnered attention for his role in “Prison Break,” and other movies. Miller came out last year in protest against the persecution of the LGBT community in Russia.

The last stars have landed themselves in a string of hits on TV and in film. Jussie Smollett starred in Patrick Ian-Polk’s independent film “The Skinny,” and he came out this year on the Ellen show. Smollett is starring in the hit Fox TV show “Empire.” He has recently received a music recording contract.

And Zachary Quinto, the star of the first season of “American Horror Story,” is big in the film industry. Quinto also has produced big films such as “Banshee,” and the Oscar nominated film “All is Lost,” starring Robert Redford. Quinto is of course known for playing the young Spock in the “Star Trek” films.

OUT Magazine:


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